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Diamond Image Resume Template for Pages

Here is a fantastic modern resume that is sure to turn some heads. I call it the Diamond Image Resume Template for Pages. I found this Word Template on by user DesignPhantom and converted it into a Pages document. Unfortunately, for some reason I was... read more

Drop Cap Pages Resume Template

This contemporary style resume is designed to help you stand out from amongst other candidates. With a wide left column designed for personal information and the right column for expounding on experience, education and skills. The drop cap letter and each and every... read more

Halloween Card for Pages

Here is a simple Halloween Card for pages – its a pretty simple template. This two up template can be used two ways, as a bi-fold card by printing on two sides or as a postcard style template. Just by adding your text to the left of the main graphic. This clever... read more

Modern Circle Cover Letter for Pages

This cover letter template is designed to complement the Modern Circle Resume Template . Its professional and has just enough pizzazz to get you noticed. Simply replace the example copy with your own information and write a wonderful letter explaining yourself to your... read more

Modern Circles Resume Template

This resume template has all you need in order to impress hiring managers. It has enough pizzazz and eye catching design to catch their attention and still enough room to tell them who you are. Based around Helvetica it uses a combination of character space and... read more

Orange Circle Event Flyer

This is an amazing event flyer template for Pages that I call Orange Circle. I found a PSD of this flyer and I created an iWork template for it. I found it on Deviant Art. This flyer is set up as a half sheet of paper with two on each page. This is a pretty cool... read more

Aqua Chocolat Business Card Template

This is an amazing Business Card Template called Aqua Chocolat. I found the design on Deviant Art and I turned it into a Pages template. This template is designed to impress and designed to communicate exactly who you are and what your business is – in style.... read more


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