How To Save As in iWork on OSX Lion

My wife bought me OSX Lion for Christmas, I was really excited and played with it a ton, when it came time to put a template on the blog I had a different sort of problem. I couldn't figure out how to "Save As" in any of the three programs. After some serious digging...

New iWork Templates Newsletter

Believe it or not this coming March the Free iWork Templates blog turns 4 years old. I'm just so excited that my wife and I could share this part of our lives with you. It really has been so much fun to write and produce this blog.Today we are starting a facet of our...

Now On Google+

Thats right iWork Templates is now on Google+!  They've opened up brand pages on the newest popular social network and we're jumping on board. If you're connecting on their please add us to one of your circles. You can also connect on Twitter, Facebook, and...

30 Days of iWork

In November, I'm planning a 30 days of iWork event! That's right an entire event focused on iWork, new templates, new themes, new tips, new everything! 30 days of making your iWork experience so much better.If your a regular reader of the blog you're going to love...


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