Keynote Templates

Free templates for Apple's Keynote presentation software

Keynote Templates Up Your Game

Keynote Templates get you started but Keynote itself will help you up your presentation game. Download a template now and get started with Keynote.

Editing is a Breeze

With these Keynote Templates editing is a breeze. Just simply open them after downloading and get right to it!

Upgrade Your Presentations

These Keynote templates are a baseline. Keynote is designed to give you full control over each and every element on the slide. Make sure you take full advantage of all it has to offer.

Paint Drip Keynote Theme

Here is a great little template for Keynote the Paint Drip Keynote Theme has a unique background of paint dripping down a wall. Not exactly what you would hope for when you are actually painting. But it does provide a great backdrop for your presentations. This look...

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Epic Circle Keynote Template

This Keynote template is the perfect addition to your collection. You will easily be able to impress your audience by simply adding your text and images to this impressive template. Obviously, you'll want use white text with a dark shadow; these settings will make it...

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Burning Moon Keynote Theme

This is a truly unique Keynote theme. This one is called - the Burning Moon Keynote Theme. It's kind of futuristic and apocalyptic, but very cool! I found it on Deviant Art, by user Martz90, if doesn't mind I'll probably try to convert some of his other stuff into...

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