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Free templates for Apple's Keynote presentation software

Keynote Templates Up Your Game

Keynote Templates get you started but Keynote itself will help you up your presentation game. Download a template now and get started with Keynote.

Editing is a Breeze

With these Keynote Templates editing is a breeze. Just simply open them after downloading and get right to it!

Upgrade Your Presentations

These Keynote templates are a baseline. Keynote is designed to give you full control over each and every element on the slide. Make sure you take full advantage of all it has to offer.

Mavericks Keynote Template

In honor of yesterday's announcement of OS X Mavericks the newest operating system from Apple I decided to create a Mavericks Keynote template. If you don't know, Apple decided to move away from the big cat names for their operating systems, even joking at one point...

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Skull Keynote Theme

Here is great looking Skull keynote theme with a black background. Its a fantastic presentation template that will help you to get you message across in a more spooky kind of way. This template will make sure you audience is listening.

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Neon Lines Keynote Template

The Neon Lines Keynote Template will be a great tool to help you in your next presentation. Its striking colors alone are enough to keep your audiences attention (not to mention your excellent speaking skills). This template is made from an image I got on...

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Krump Abstract Keynote Theme

This abstract Keynote Theme is all about dance! But not ballet slippers and Dance moms type of Dance, but a dance invented on the streets for the streets. Krump. This theme will really keep you audiences attention while helping you to get your point across. Using...

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